• Book: Chihna
    Title of Article/Essay: Bisannata aru Sundarar Sanniddhat-Sraddhanjali: Asu Dev, Sashi Bordoloi aru Rajen Hazarika
    Translated Title of Article/Essay: (Contiguity and Tribute of Melancholy and Beauty: Asu Dev, Sashi Bordoloi and Rajen Hazarika)
    Author: Nilima Thakuria Haque
    Editor: Bhupendranarayan Bhattacharyya
    Date, Year: 2001
    Reference Type: Periodical Article
    Language: Assamese
    Volume: 23
    Pages: 181-186
    Publisher: Gauhati Artist Guild
    Place Published: Guwahati
    Country Published: India
    Descriptive Tags: Obituary
    Artist/s Mentioned: Asu Dev, Sashi Bordoloi, Rajen Hazarika
    Where we found it: Library: Gauhati Artist Guild, Guwahati