• Book: The Visva-Bharati Quarterly
    Title of Article/Essay: Popular Paintings of Birds from Lucknow
    Author: Jaya Appaswamy
    Editor: Naresh Guha
    Date, Year: May-Apr 1983-84
    Reference Type: Periodical Article
    Language: English
    Volume: 49
    Issue: 1-4 (Nandalal Centenary Number)
    Pages: 96-99
    Publisher: Visva Bharati
    Place Published: Santiniketan
    Country Published: India
    Remarks: K.G Subramanyan (Guest Editor); Barun Roy (Editorial Assistant). Lucknow paintings of birds are examples of an urban popular art, representing a specific culture, once collected by Nandalal Bose for Kala Bhavana collection for reference. These are significant as point of reference for the development of modern Indian art.
    Where we found it: Personal Archive: Sanjoy Kumar Mallik, Santiniketan