• Book: Vartaman Chitrasutra
    Translated Title of Book: (Contemporary Principles of Art)
    Title of Article/Essay: Kalavantancha Rasik Mitra: Dr. Homi Bhabha
    Translated Title of Article/Essay: (Artists' Connoisseur Friend: Dr. Homi Bhabha)
    Author: Baburao Sadwelkar
    Editor: Baburao Sadwelkar
    Date, Year: Feb 1996
    Reference Type: Book Section
    Language: Marathi
    Pages: 67-72
    Publisher: Mehta Publishing House
    Place Published: Pune
    Country Published: India
    Other Persons Mentioned: Homi Bhabha
    Remarks: Collection of essays by Baburao Sadwelkar. Previously published in 'Shreepurvi-Pratibimb', special Diwali issue, 1978
    Where we found it: Library: Abhinav College, Pune