• Book: Kala Bharati
    Translated Title of Book: (Art of India)
    Title of Article/Essay: Sanskriti, Srijan aur Bharatiyata
    Translated Title of Article/Essay: (Culture, Creation and Indianness)
    Author: Sambhaji Kadam
    Editor: Piyush Daiya
    Date, Year: 2010
    Reference Type: Book Section
    Language: Hindi
    Volume: 2
    Pages: 55-97
    Publisher: Lalit Kala Akademi
    Place Published: New Delhi
    Country Published: India
    Descriptive Tags: Art and Society, J.J. School of Art, Independence, Revivalism, Realism, Nationalism, Indegenious Art, Folk Art, Culture and Nation Building, Nationalism and Ethos, Geographical, Political and Cultural Boundaries, National Identity, Dadaism, Greek Age, Infinite Collective Consciousness, Matriarchal, Alchemy, Art and Philosophy, Tantric Art, Ayurveda, Arctic, Vedas, Agrarian Society, Culture and Civilization, Physical and Metaphysical, Meaning and Context, Psychology, Scientific Inventions, Expression in Art, Rig Vedic India, Macro and Microcosom, Sublime
    Other Persons Mentioned: E.B. Havell, Carl Jung, Shankaracharya, A.C. Das
    Remarks: Translated from Marathi by Usha Vairagkar Athaley; Originally published in book by Jyotsna Kadam
    Where we found it: Library: Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi