• Book: Kala Bharati
    Translated Title of Book: (Art of India)
    Title of Article/Essay: Gaya
    Translated Title of Article/Essay: ([short form for Gaitonde])
    Author: Prafulla Dahanukar
    Editor: Piyush Daiya
    Date, Year: 2010
    Reference Type: Book Section
    Language: Hindi
    Volume: 1
    Pages: 153-160
    Publisher: Lalit Kala Akademi
    Place Published: Delhi
    Country Published: India
    Artist/s Mentioned: V.S. Gaitonde
    Remarks: Translation from Marathi by Shailesh Sinh and J.R. Yadav. First published in 'Chinha', 2006. The Bhulabhai Institute provided studios to artists and there Gaitonde worked with Nasreen Mohamedi, M.F. Husain, Dashrath Patel, B. Prabha, B. Vitthal, Piloo Pochkhanvala, and others. Note: English translation of title of book and article are provisional ones made by our researcher.
    Where we found it: Library: Lalit Kala Akademi, New Delhi