• Book: Marg - A Magazine of the Arts
    Title of Article/Essay: Satish Gujral
    Author: Charles Fabri
    Editor: Mulk Raj Anand
    Date, Year: Mar 1962
    Reference Type: Periodical Article
    Language: English
    Volume: 15
    Issue: 2
    Pages: iii-iv
    Country Published: India
    Descriptive Tags: Biography, Oil Painting, Social, Mexican Murals, Atmosphere, Realism
    Artist/s Mentioned: Satish Gujral
    Remarks: Special issue on Mathura. Essay is written as a review to the publication of a portfolio of Satish Gujral's paintings.
    Other Contributors in Publication: Mulk Raj Anand, D.D. Kosambi, Y. Krishnan, K.D. Bajpai, C.M. Kieffer, V.N. Srivastava, R.S., L.L., Grace Morley, D.H.S., M.I., Rasika, S.S., Dinkar Kowshik, Badri Narayan, K.N. Ramachandran, Anil
    Where we found it: Library: School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU, New Delhi