• Book: Journal of Arts and Ideas
    Title of Article/Essay: The Painter in His Labyrinth
    Author: K.B. Goel
    Editor: Geeta Kapur, Kumkum Sangari, Indira Chandrasekhar, Madan Gopal Singh and Ashish Rajadhyaksha
    Date, Year: Mar 1995
    Reference Type: Periodical Article
    Language: English
    Issue: 27-28
    Pages: 135-140
    Publisher: G.P. Deshpande
    Place Published: New Delhi
    Country Published: India
    Descriptive Tags: Homage, Self, Artist Profile, Subjectivity, Utopia, Social, Painting, Triennale, Sublime, Taste, Symbolic, Geometry, Colour, Form, Content, Nostalgia, Technique, Art Criticism, Romanticism, Other
    Artist/s Mentioned: J. Swaminathan
    Remarks: Issue on Studies in Modern Indian Art. Section paying homage to J. Swaminathan. Essay written for The Economic Times, 6 December 1991. Reprint here. Key art initiatives mentioned: Contra
    Other Contributors in Publication: Geeta Kapur, Tapati Guha-Thakurta, R. Nandakumar, Kajri Jain, Kavita Singh, K.B. Goel, Gulammohammed Sheikh, Vivan Sundaram, Madan Gopal Singh
    Where we found it: Online Collection: Digital South Asia Library, https://dsal.uchicago.edu/books/artsandideas/ Last Accessed: 26th October 2015