• Book: The Sunday Statesman
    Title of Article/Essay: Triennale Selection
    Date, Year: 13 Dec 1970
    Reference Type: Newspaper Article
    Language: English
    Publisher: The Statesman Ltd.
    Country Published: India
    Descriptive Tags: Cultural Institution, Triennale, Policy, International, Exhibition, Biennale
    Remarks: Regarding procedures of selection by LKA of artists to participate in international exhibitions. Signatories include Eric Bowen, Jivan Adalja, J. Swaminathan, Nasreen Mohamedi, Shanti Dave, Eruch Hakim, Nand K. Katyal, R.S. Bhushan, Anand Dev, Viko Soni, Nareen Nath, Narendra Dixit, Rajesh Mehra, Ambadas, Krishan Khanna, Tyeb Mehta. Signed on 11th Dec 1970, New Delhi.
    Where we found it: Folder: 1970s Newspaper Clippings. Personal Archive: S. Kalidas, New Delhi