• Book: Maarif
    Title of Article/Essay: Islam aur Funoon-e Lateefa
    Translated Title of Article/Essay: (Islam and the Arts)
    Author: Ibrahim Ahmadi
    Editor: Mohd. Ismael Khan and Waheeduddin Saleem
    Date, Year: Apr 1899
    Reference Type: Periodical Article
    Language: Urdu
    Volume: 1
    Issue: 10
    Pages: 295-297
    Publisher: Mohd. Qadir Ali Khan Sufi
    Place Published: Aligarh
    Country Published: India
    Descriptive Tags: Pre-Modern, Miniature, Scripture
    Artist/s Mentioned: Raphael, Michelangelo
    Remarks: Brief discussion of portents for Indo-Muslim painting, sculpture and architecture, in light of theological strictures against the former two.
    Where we found it: Library: Sharafabad Bedil, Karachi